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Posted on March 06 2024, By: PAOLA

Aging will inevitably happen but external factors accelerate its process. Yet there are many ways we can protect and slow down this aging process, helping our hair maintain its youthful characteristics, preserve its mechanical strength and prevent damages associated with UV generated radicals.

Science has developed a new purified protein fraction isolated from wool that has been shown to protect hair from the effects of fiber aging, preserving its natural tensile strength and feel properties. It penetrates into the cortex delivering crucial anti-oxidants and a "self-sacrificing" keratin that degrades with UV exposure and other weathering damage like heat and chemicals. It is called "self-sacrificing" keratin because it sacrifices or degrades so that the natural keratin within your hair doesn't. Thus, protecting and slowing down the aging process of your natural hair. This is one of the components within our HEXA-K Active.

A daily use of our KERAMETIK products containing this HEXA-K active will protect and repair the natural keratin within your hair. Allowing the best version of your hair to shine.